Finally.. an end to arguments around vehicle damage.

A checkout app designed to record the exact state of your vehicles throughout the entire rental or storage cycle, from checkout to checking back in!

"If you're plagued by customers denying responsibility for damaged vehicles, or if staff are unfairly being blamed for customer vehicle damage, your business needs CarCheckout!"

Hi, my name is John Detlefs, and my team takes great pride in being able to help businesses take control of the vehicle checkout process while also giving their customers and staff peace of mind on vehicle conditions.

So if you're ready to remove all confusion and angst around vehicle damage, then it's time to start working with the CarCheckout team!

John Detlefs - Founder of

A Full Photo Record Of The Condition Of The Car At Checkout.

During the checkout (and checkin) of the vehicle, your staff member will take photos of each major panel of the car, including odometer & fuel gauge. These are then sent directly to our servers and form a permanent record of the condition of the car.. no more pencil marks on paper!

Seamless Check-in With Signed Customer Acknowledgement.

Every transaction requires the customer to look over the photos and add a digital signature to the record. This is then time stamped and sent to our servers, showing the customer has confirmed and agreed the photos are correct, and the car is in the condition presented.

Quickly SMS Or Email Customers Their Checkout Details & Images.

Customers will want a copy of their vehicle condition for their records. With CarCheckout you will have the option to send through an SMS or email at the end of the transaction or by search.. it's a matter of seconds!

100% Branded To Your Company Logo & Colour Schemes

It's important for your customers to be presented with a process that is seamless and consistent with your brand. To this end we update all colours and logos in CarCheckout to be consistent with your branding.

All Data Held On Our Servers Removing Any Possible Conflicts

On occasion there will be claims that photos have been moved or tampered with, and therefore the checkin/out is not valid. To remove this issue, all data is held on our services, and no editing of entries is possible by anyone.. the client, the customer, or us! If required, we will happily come along to arbitration or litigation and present our data.*

* Fees apply depending on representation required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CarCheckout?

CarCheckout allows owners of fleet vehicles to create a permanent record of the state of their vehicles upon checkout & check-in.

Photos of the vehicle and other critical information are taken upon checkout, and can be compared with the same information upon check-in. In this way fleet owners are able to safeguard themselves from a "my word against your word" scenario when dealing with damaged vehicles, speeding or toll fines, empty petrol tanks, and a whole host of other issues.

Who is CarCheckout designed for?

CarCheckout is designed especially for companies who have a fleet of vehicles that are regularly used by different individuals (typically car rental agencies, airport carparks, corporates with on the road sales teams).

How much does CarCheckout cost?

Pricing is on a per location basis on a sliding scale. In general depending on the size of your network, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 per location. All prices are Ex GST.

Can CarCheckout be used internationally?

Absolutely! CarCheckout is designed to be used in all English speaking countries around the world, and SMS notifications will work with almost all countries regardless of language spoken.

What's the best way to get started?

In order to get more information and be set up with a demo account, please call 1800 870 844 or email

Can CarCheckout records be edited?

No, all data is kept on our secure servers, and cannot be edited by either the anyone! This keeps both your company & the client safe, and is considered to be a major feature of the CarCheckout solution over using your own application.

In the instance of a customer claiming a member of staff has altered a record in order to implicate damaging a vehicle or being responsible for a fine, we are happy to come to arbitration or mediation to inform all concerned that each entry is a permanent record of the state of the vehicle at the time of Checkout/Checkin*.

In addition, the customer is required to sign upon both Checkout & Checkin, which gives another layer of security for both parties.

*Fees are applicable for this service

How do our staff use the CarCheckout app?

The easiest way to use the app is to download and install the app from:

Once you've installed the app, use your location login and start entering records!

What devices is CarCheckout compatible with?

Most of our clients use a 4G enabled tablet such as an iPad in order to easily move around the vehicle to take pictures and enter information. In addition it is perfectly acceptable to use your iOS / Android smartphone.

Is the customer &/or our admin staff able to get a copy of the CarCheckout entry?

Of course! Staff at any location can see all of the records available simply by using the search function from the startup page.

Customers can have their entry sent to them by both SMS and email, where they will be given a link to a summary of all information including photos and time-stamped signature.